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  • Scott number: 1653a

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ScNo: 1653a     TagNo:     Tag type:
45c multicoloured se-tenant block of 4

Issued: 1997.06.30

Description: Sheet of 5 each of 1650/1653 with the horizontal perfs shifted up 5mm at the left of the sheet slanting down to the right of the sheet where they are shifted up 3mm.The sheet has the following errors: 1650 (2 x G4aB,2 x G4dH,1 x G4cT),1651 ( 4 x G4dH,1 x G4cT),1652 ( 1 x G4aB, 3 x G4dH, 1 x G4cT), 1653 ( 1 G4aB, 3 x G4dH, 1 x G4cT)


Mint: $1500
Used: N/R


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