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  • Scott number: BK71d

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ScNo: BK71d     TagNo: T3    Tag type: G2aL and missing tag
$1 Centennial, 1c brown, 6c black II, 8c slate, booklet

Series: QE Centennial (1967-73)

Description: Type IV cover, blue drawings, black seal, OP4 tag, 3mm tag bar.Tag bar on left side of left stamps 1mm wide and are missing at bottom half of bottom 8c stamp. Middle tag bar shifted left 1mm to where middle row of stamps MAY BE G2aL. Right tag bar normal to where it stops, half way down the second 1c stamp, starts again middle of top 8c stamp and stops again at middle of bottom 8c stamp.

Fluorescence/paper: MF/fl  

Mint: $100
Used: N/R


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