Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
Additions and Errata to the 2018 Edition

Updated: Oct 25/17

Report a mistake to the editor.

Despite what some think, every possible effort is made to keep the number of mistakes down to a minimum. As I have said many, many times ... even the smallest of mistakes (no matter how trivial) is not acceptable. I thank those who have the time to read the catalogue from cover to cover with a magnifying glass looking for even the smallest mistake.

All reported mistakes have been corrected for the next (2018?) edition.


Additions (new information recently received or missed)
Page Type Description Date Added



Scott Numbers
(numbers assigned by Scott Publishing since the 2018 Unitrade catalogue went to press in August 2017)

These are presented here as a courtesy to those who have purchased the 2018 Unitrade catalogue and would like to keep up-to-date. If you have not bought the latest catalogue I have just one question ... why not?

Issue Issue Scott Number Date Added


Page Description Date Added
548 Sc 2987 is 'Picard' (not Janeway); Sc 2989 is 'Janeway' (not Picard). The captions of the illustrations on page 547 are correct. Oct 25
687 UX02 should be "$1.20" (not $1.80). Nov 11

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